Should I book an Engagement photoshoot?


I can’t recommend it enough to my clients. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get comfortable around the camera, receive a collection of photographs in a natural every day environment and to document the excitement and buzz around being newly engaged.

I can promise that it is a very different experience to your Wedding day - one of which, you’re alone and under no time constraints, totally carefree!

As a Wedding Photographer, the more I can get to know my clients the more personalised I can make their Wedding and Engagement collections. Photographing in Suffolk and Norfolk, I’m surrounded by beautiful locations and Engagement Photography for me, is not about standing still and smiling for the camera. It’s all about the photoshoot experience, a mixture of intimate and romantic moments, combined with laughter and fun.

I’m 27 years old now and on a personal level, I love to look back upon my Mum and Dad’s Wedding Album and Engagement photographs, they’re a snapshot in time of pure elegance and grace. (I also have a giggle at my parents 80’s hair ‘dos’!)

Just remember, you’re only going to do this once!